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My Crazy Nurse Dream


So do you want to hear about crazy dream that I had last night? Well it is pretty strange as it has to do with nurses. There is this pretty cute nurse I work with at the hospital for some reason she ended up in my dream (nothing kinky). She had on her uniform and for some reason we were on some type of adventure. I don't know if it was something out of Lord of the rings but we were in some magical land, driving a Lamborghini. I know this sounds pretty crazy, but throughout the whole dream we had people chasing us

The crazy thing that really stood out was her uniform. She looked like someone from the 60s and I honestly can't remember if the dream is in black-and-white are not.

We ended up on a mountainside and for some reason she decided to trip as she had done some chunky nursing shoes, something kinda like this

anyway, after running around for what seemed like an eternity. We somehow ended up on a tropical island with a beach. She changed from her nurse's uniform into a bikini and I must say I was really surprised. The crazy thing is she went back into the hospital with the bikini on. So you had this nurse just walking around the halls helping doctors out with this small swimsuit on showing just about everything.

A couple doctors called her over as they had surgery in a few and the patient looked like he was about to die, but once he saw her, he revived.
Anyway, it ended with use eating Burger King and for some reason I woke up lol.


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